Air Ambulance Service

Air Charter Medical Flight is used to transfer the patient in India as an air ambulance service. This is a private medical flight with 7-8 seats. Generally, this medical flight is consisting of a specious scoop stretcher where the critical patient lying. Mainly, King Air C90 GTx, Beechcraft B200, and Charter Aircrafts are used to carry the patient in India. Especially, there are two metropolitan cities such as Delhi and Mumbai where these air charters are based on. All over India medical flights first, take off from these two cities to pick the patients.

Bhavya Ambulance Service Pvt Ltd is based in Patna, Bihar with 24/7 hours services. This private limited ambulance company provides a complete aeromedical journey from Patna to anywhere in India. Besides Patna, This ambulance company also provides all-over India Air Ambulance Services and Train Ambulance Services.

We have been shifting patients all over India and many people ask different questions about this air ambulance service. Here, Bhavya AMBULANCE SERVICE PVT LTD is answering the following queries. These queries are mainly asked during the patients' shifting and on the phone:-

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