Why Choose Bhavya Ambulance Services?

Medical emergencies are uninvited. Bhavya Ambulance services are here to follow in. We at Bhavya, are on our tip toes for prompt and timely medical help at your doorstep.


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We run against time:

Our emergency assistance services are available at or less than 15 minute EAT (emergency assistance time). We respond to your need within 10 seconds and our fleet of ambulance services are available 24/7 across Hyderabad.

We speak your language:

We understand that language barrier is inevitable and hence we ensure all measures so that it does not hinder our services during the dire situations. Our staffs speak English, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Urdu, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali and Oriya, Gujrati and Marwari.

Medically certified and trained staff

Bhavya Ambulance services in Hyderabad are managed by board certified technicians, paramedics and medical team. Non-emergency services include an ambulance; one medical technician certified driver; and a paramedic level 1 or 2 with BCSL and/or ACLS certification.

Technologically advanced

Bhavya Ambulance Services in Hyderabad is technologically advanced and well equipped to attend all medical emergencies. Our patient transport vehicle is equipped with life support and medical utilities. Some of the key equipments we have in our ambulances are:

  • Stretcher (small and large)
  • Wheel chair
  • First aid kits
  • Attender seats for passengers
  • Oxygen and ventilator support
  • Spinal board and cervical collar
  • Defibrillator, ventilator, infusion pump and cardiac support in critical care ambulances
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Unlimited ambulance services

We are running ambulance services in Hyderabad and the suburbs to transfer patients within GHMC limits and further to a network of hospitals. Also, we run ambulance services with GPS tracking from Hyderabad to other cities in India by other means of transport including road, train and air ambulance

Regular ambulance services

We provide to-and-fro ambulance services in Hyderabad across home, hospital, any place requested at special prices on an ongoing basis. Patients may avail this service for frequent non-emergency hospital visits for dialysis sessions, treatment sessions, rehabilitation therapy, pregnancy checkups, physiotherapy sessions and more

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